Environmental policy

KRT is committed to sustainable use of the environment and a proper management. We therefore have the necessary (environmental) permits and we are ISO 9001: 2015 certified. External audits are taking place on an annual basis in order to guarantee the quality we offer our customers.

The pure metals that are being extracted, are the raw materials for new products. The activities of KRT help to reduce environmental impact and Co2 emission.

Moreover, KRT has developed a sustainable mechanical separation process for both plastic and paper insulated cable scrap.


In 2012 we acquired the certificate for Corporate Social Responsibility. This underlines the intention of KRT to take good care of her employees, environment, customers and government.

Minimal environmental impact

We designed the process in such a way that demountability and recycling are optimal. By letting the separation process take place within the preconditions, as instituted by our current environment policy, the environmental impact will be reduced to an absolute minimum. For example:

  • Environmentally-damaging proceedings exclusively take place above an impermeable reinforcement
  • Spreading of dust is prevented by special air filter installations
  • The noisiest installations are placed in a completely soundproof insulated casing

In order to ensure the welfare of her employees KRT facilitates all necessary matters. This includes the provision of personal protection gear and an optimal work climate

In our policy statement we motivate why we as KRT are concerned with our surroundings, the environment and our employees and how we do our utmost best to take care of them.