Recycling processes

At KRT we want to provide the highest quality for our customers and of course we aim to minimize downtime. To achieve these goals we have the following production processes.

Sorting and reducing

After the cables are sorted they are mechanically being reduced to manageable sizes. They are then ready to further be entered in the recycling process.


KRT has 6 shredder lines which are being used for the processing of aluminum cable, copper cable, plastics, ground cable, EEE-waste plastics and mixes originating from car shredders.

Separating difficult materials

KRT possesses the knowledge and skills to process difficult to handle fractions, such as material flows that are ‘contaminated’ with stone, wood, plastics and various ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Think about EEE waste plastics and flows originating from car recycling for example.

Ground cable

The outer jackets (Fe, lead wires, Pb and bitumen) of the reduced ground cables are then being stripped. Both the outer shell and the copper or aluminum cores are being shredded, after which pure metals will remain. These pure metals are then being used again in primary production processes.


In order to achieve the best results it is important that the blades – which are being used in our shredders – are in optimum condition. We therefore have our own grindery.